Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Get thee to Jason's Deli and order a JB's Best Bagelini

Warning: Shameless plug ahead!

Spork and I ventured out in the rain today to try an awesome new sandwich at Jason's Deli, JB's Best Bagelini. It consists of turkey, provolone, guacamole, pico de gallo and (I think) a spicy aioli, all combined on a bagel and then pressed in a panini grill . It's served with blue corn chips and a really tasty fresh salsa. Yum! I snarfed the whole thing in record time, trying hard not to growl every time someone walked past the table.

Now for the "truth in marketing" disclaimer: My nephew, Jeff, is the mastermind behind this sandwich and it won a Major Award* in a Jason's Deli employee contest and is now on the menu board in all the restaurants. I think it's only available for a limited time, but I'm not sure about that. So just to be safe, you should probably jump in the car and go get one right now!

*If you're not enough of a fan of A Christmas Story to get the Major Award reference, then shame, shame on you...


bigjohn756 said...

"If you're not enough of a fan of A Christmas Story to get the Major Award reference, then shame, shame on you..."

I'm not a fan of A Christmas Story at all. I have probably seen it once or twice but that's it. I feel no shame at all about that much less a shame X 2. Anyway, the result is that I have no idea what a "Major Award" is.

Spork In the Eye said...

Uh oh John. Now you are truly in for it. I believe I said almost the same thing to her 13 years ago. Now she has me quoting the damn thing.

Beware of the evil, infamous 24 hour marathon that plays on xmas eve.

LogoGirl said...

Did he get a french statue?

Kari said...

Ha! Nope, no statue or bowling alley, but it was a pretty cool.

Kari said...

John, John, John. I have barely recovered enough to respond. I still feel faint when I read:

"I'm not a fan of A Christmas Story at all."


But, to help enlighten you, a Major Award is the ultimate prize, the holy grail to the dad in the movie, much as the Red Ryder bb gun is to Ralphie. He is constantly entering contests in an effort to achieve fame and riches in the form of a Major Award. Unfortunately, the only thing he ever wins is the leg lamp. Wah waaah wah WAAAH!

Beja said...

=D I am so excited to be able to tell someone related to JB how wonderful this really is! I have been craving the Best Bagelini since I had it a week ago. Since my hubby would rather be grilling tonight than going out, I am settling for imitating it myself until I can make it to Jason's Deli again. Love the Christmas Story reference!