Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Triumph-ant weekend

The hubby, Spork, is long-time Triumph lover and has had his beloved TR6 since 1983. Last Wednesday, in a series of fortuitous coincidences we happened across a bunch of Triumphs in the parking lot of a local restaurant. We went in, despite our shaggy appearances, and found out that there was a regional Triumph convention in town for the weekend! They invited us to join in, so we did. Spork posted all the pictures he took here, so I'll just throw in one for fun.

In case you ever run into a bunch of British sports car nuts gathered in a group, I learned that the men do not like you to refer to their cars as "cute". They want them to be called "sexy" instead.


LogoGirl said...

wow, who would have thought that? Small world.

Kari said...

If things hadn't gone the way that did on Wednesday, we wouldn't have even known they were here. There was no mention of it anywhere - we just happened on them.