Thursday, April 17, 2008

Someone stop me, please

I have become addicted to roses. So far this year I've planted 6 new ones, in addition to the 5 I planted last year. I have one more in a pot, waiting to be planted. And now some rose fanciers are telling me that I absolutely, positively cannot live without adding a Double Delight and a local store has roses 20% off this week. Did I mention that I'm also rooting some cuttings from a couple antique roses? Aaiigh, I'm hopeless!

If anyone wants to join me in my madness, the varieties I currently have are:

Old Blush, I have 3 of these planted to (eventually) screen the backyard of the house next door
Climbing Don Juan
Climbing Fourth of July (my favorite)
Chrysler Imperial
Lady X
Kordes Perfecta
an unmarked pink hybrid tea, that forced itself on me in a moment of weakness

Here's a picture of a Fourth of July rose in bloom. Don't you want one, too?

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