Friday, April 25, 2008

Irises and roses

A couple years ago, one of my neighbors asked if I would like some bearded irises that someone had given her. I said sure, because I rarely turn down a free plant. When we moved, I dug some of the irises and replanted them without ever marking down any of the colors. They are finally blooming again and putting on a much better show than ever before. The yellow one was a surprise to me, which makes me think they didn't bloom well in the clay soil at our previous home.

And yes, I ended up buying a Double Delight rose ($8 - what a bargain!) and it has already put out a bloom for me. The flower itself is really pretty, but the best part is the scent - it's the rosiest smelling rose I've ever met.

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LogoGirl said...

Really Pretty! That yellow one is gorgeous!!