Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I don't like Ike

Ike passed right over us this past weekend at tropical storm strength. The original prediction called for a category 1 hurricane level when it hit our neck of the woods, so we were happy with a tropical storm. Here at the stuga, we lost a few trees, one of which took out our power pole and landed on Spork's tractor. I think I'll leave that story for Spork to tell. We all know how he feels about his tractor.

Since we were without power, we spent a few nights crashing at the homes of others. I'm grateful for the hospitality, but I'm also glad to be back in my own world of Tivo and teh innernets.

Overall we were very fortunate. I've been without news since Saturday, but I know Galveston and parts of Houston are in pretty bad shape. I can't imagine what the people from there are going through.

A smote hickory tree.
From Miscellaneous

Poor Tilly the Tractor.
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