Saturday, May 17, 2008

Something new and some things old

Last year we only saw one teeny-tiny nonpoisonous snake here at the stuga. I thought that was just about the right number of snakes to see. Zero, of course, being the perfect number. Unfortunately, my feelings of security were false, because this year we've already seen four. I've decided to add a list of all the snakes we encounter here in stuga land (in the sidebar to the right). I'm hoping that by going to the effort of making a list, I won't see any more this year.

I guess I'm a copycat once again, because this time I copied Spork and moved some of my old googlepages stuff over to Blogger. In my defense, he copied me (after I copied Lorie) by moving to Blogger. So I'm a copycat of a copycat of me. This is beginning to feel like an infinite loop.

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