Saturday, May 24, 2008


The Pioneer Woman Cooks is my fav-o-rite food blog and I drool over it regularly. Now that the blackberries are starting to produce (and because I thought last year's cobblers were pretty sucky), I turned to PWC for help. As usual, she did not fail me. She actually has 2 blackberry cobbler recipes, so obviously I'll have to try both of them. I mean, really, one of them might be better than the other. I have to know. It would be unscientific to do otherwise.

Here is blackberry cobbler #1 :

Alas, I don't think this recipe is The One. It's more cakey than cobblery, in my opinion. That's not to say it wasn't good, just not what I'm looking for. So the search continues...

Cooking notes for this one: Like Spork, the berries were a little tart, so I might add a little sugar to them next time. Also, I should have used a deeper baking dish because the batter oozed over the side and I was forced to take the cake out halfway through the cooking and eat the golden brown and delicious crunchy bits so they wouldn't burn onto the pan (the whipped cream wasn't ready, either, so it was a real sacrifice). I also learned that this is technically a clafouti (or flognarde, since it used blackberries) and not really a cobbler.


Spork In the Eye said...

Calling me a tart? Kettle, you certainly look dark today.

Personally I take responsibility for the tartness of the berries. In an effort to steal the berries from the bluejays and the cardinals -- I may have been premature. Oh, not premature--early--I didnt mean to say that. (I promise, this has never happened to me before.)

LogoGirl said...

A cobbler should not be caking - nor should it be lacking in sugar!!

I misplaced a great cobbler recipe, and I've been kicking myself ever sense.
Hope you find a good one.

LogoGirl said...

make that SINCE - augh - i hate when i use the wrong word! why can't i edit??

Kari said...

I know, as a cake it was good, but as a cobbler it was disappointing. Oh woe is me - I'll have to keep taste-testing cobblers. ;)

If you find your cobbler recipe, please share it. Spork and I will be eternally grateful.

LogoGirl said...

it was something like :
get fruit, add several sticks of butter and even more sugar

Make pie crust with butter and flour

put pie crust on top - top with more sugar..... :)

Kari said...

Fruit, butter, sugar, pie crust - that sounds just about perfect!