Saturday, June 4, 2011

And we're FINALLY building our house!

We moved to the shed almost five years ago with the intention of building a house once we were settled.  Besides the fact that we tend to take our own sweet time in making decisions, life also threw a few roadblocks in our path along the way.  Add to that the fact that the shed is just comfortable enough that we didn't feel panicky about getting something built and it was four years before we even had a set of plans finished.    "Procrastination" is our word for the day, boys and girls.  :)

Here's the goal:

And our current progress:

Those leftover lumber bits are going to make great raised beds!

In an effort to marry our dreams to our finances, we're doing standard 2x4 construction and making it as energy efficient as possible, with foam insulation and low E windows.  We're also putting in a wood burning stove for supplemental heat, since we have an almost endless supply of dropped branches from the woods around here.  We'll also be doing a lot of the interior finish work ourselves, to save some labor costs.  In theory, the builder will be finished sometime in October, but we'll still have some work to do after that.

Neither of us have ever been involved in new construction before, so this is very exciting stuff!  


Leigh said...

Oh Kari, this is exciting indeed! That's one part of our dream that will never get fulfilled. I agree about taking time to make decisions. Better take the time now, than regret not thinking it through later.

Kari said...

I'm sure we'll find some things we wished we had thought out better, but it's still really fun watching our ideas take shape.

It's going to be nice having a real kitchen again, as well as some room for storage. Perhaps next summer I'll actually be able to can some a few things instead of just being in awe of yours! :)