Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Asparagus Lesson of the Week

Since Lorie is so fascinated by the asparagus in it's native environment (aka, "the ground"), I thought I would post a few pictures to enhance her experience. :) It's hard to get a good picture of it with all the green in the background, but let's see if this helps.

Here is a shot looking down the length of the row. Can't really see it, can you? It will become more "ferny" over the season, so later pictures will be better.
From Garden 2009

Here is Spork, helpfully holding the top end of one stalk of asparagus. Still pretty hard to see, but you can get an idea, since he is 6'2".
From Garden 2009

And here is Spork offering his services as Hand Model again, giving some scale to the photo. This particular variety, Jersey Knight, is very robust. Unlike the grocery store asparagus, these mondo spears are still crisp and tender.
From Garden 2009


hoonoze756 said...

Educate me please. I thought that when aspergrass became a fern it was too late to eat. Here you show a huge, ferny, plant and say that it is still good to eat. Please 'splain.

Kari said...

Yes, I suppose that was unclear.

Once the asparagus has become "ferny", you no longer eat it. As long as the tip is still closed (not ferny), it is considered edible, no matter how tall the spear is.

It's really hard to show in a photo, but right now we have a mix of "big and ferny" and "big and edible". The Jersey hybrids are really thick, even in the edible stage. Some of them emerge from the ground with a diameter about the width of a nickel.

I planted 10 more Jersey crowns a few weeks ago, but they haven't made an appearance yet. In theory, they will produce for 20+ years.

Iferget said...

Two things. One on topic, one way off.


Kari said...

Awwww, now I want a pet goat!

Spork In the Eye said...

Ellie, go back and look at the asparagus photo in this shot and compare it to today.