Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I think I have finally done it

This is it, cinnamon roll nirvana! Tender, rich, gooey and dripping with frosting. I even managed to get all of the ingredients in this time. Yes, the salt, the raisins and the nuts. It's practically a cooking miracle.

I usually bake my cinnamon rolls on a cookie sheet, but I opted to use a 12" round pan this time and I liked it better. The inner rolls stayed soft, so less crust. Yes, this was definitely a winning batch. I took them to share with my parents, but Spork wouldn't let the leftovers to come home with us. It seemed so wrong to just abandon them like that.

Oh man, look at that! I want another one now!

I'm working on writing up the recipe, since a lot of it exists only in my head. I now have a lot more respect for cookbook writers - it's hard getting every detail written out.


Spork In the Eye said...

nom nom nom

Ragtime Joe said...

You know you may be doing serious damage to my salivary glands! They were still in a state of exhaustion from the pic of the coconut cake. My baby coconut palm is doing great. Now has seven fronds and is about 8 inches in diameter. Still saving the first nut for you, and hoping for a piece of cake in return.

Kari said...

It's a deal! On the coconut theme... my new Swedish cookbook has a recipe for a rolled cake with a creamy coconut filling. I'm also sorely tempted to try tembleque. Coconut is good eats.